23 November 2014
Featuring JUDIKA

Our concept is traditionally inspired by the local elements and culture of Medan, such as Medan's traditional house (rumah panggung) and the Ulos. Medan FP try to bring out the best of Medan’s Batak Culture. Medan FP believes that by implementing the concept of traditional Medan's culture, we are reviving Medan's very own traditional values.

Medan FP is not a typical mall in the heart of Medan. We want you to not forget Medan’s Rich Culture. Humbly, we want you to come to Medan FP to enjoy shopping, eating, and family gathering—and not forgetting our Traditional Value.

"We don't try to transform Medan into another Jakarta. But we are bringing out the best of Medan's opulence culture, art, and leisure in one place - Medan Focal Point"

- FP Founder -